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2. Once you see "Thank you!" below, Click here to pay for your tariff:

What is your MC number (if you don't have one yet, call 888-414-1874 to get moving authority)?*

What is the legal name of your business?

What is the business address of your company?

What is the name of the president/principal of your company?

On short distance interstate moves, what hourly rate would you like to charge for a van and two men, van and three men, and van and four men?

Please advise the mileage cutoff under which moves will be performed hourly (i.e. 50 miles)...

Do you have a materials price list? If so, state 'yes' and email to If not, state 'no' and we will recommend competitive charges.

Do you want to offer written binding estimates (fixed price moves)?

Do you want to offer volume distance estimates (moves must be performed on weight distance basis or written binding estimate basis)?

Would you like to apply a standard discount to your rate chart(s) like 50% peak/55% off-peak rates? If so, please advise % for peak and off peak...

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